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Dear Weary Mom, Run to Him… {Link up}

Dear Weary Mom, I see how you are dragging through your day, worried about tomorrow, and regretful of yesterday. How there’s an endless to-do list always waiting, one child complaining and another yelling. How shoes are strewn and puzzles mismatched all over the floor, with the fridge
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Dear Weary Mom, YOU are Free! {Link-up}

Dear Weary Mom, YOU are free!
Dear Weary Mom, Happy fourth of July! A day of family gatherings and barbecues. A day of parties and parades. With music playing, horses marching, children clapping, and red, white and blue as far as the eye can see. Many of your friends and family will gather around tables of festive
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Dear Weary Mom, Invite Someone into Your Mess {link up}

invite someone else into your mess || Teri Lynne Underwood for
Dear Weary Mom, A few weeks ago I hit rock bottom.  The days leading up to this bottoming out had been filled with more door slamming, eye rolling, tears falling, and voice raising than I’d ever dreamed possible in our house. I was frustrated with my teenage daughter and she was
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