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Never in her wildest imaginations would Kristina's tapestry of motherhood have included the string of "singleness". In spite of that unforeseen fiber, she places her life, and the life of her four children in the hands of the Master Weaver--the one who holds all the tenuous strings of their lives in the same fingers that paint the night sky. Being a mom is hard work, but Kristina's found that between a double shot of humor and a comfy pair of yoga pants life goes down a lot easier and hope is only as far as the nearest whispered, "I need You." Kristina spins stories on her blog, KJtanner and enjoys connecting with her readers on Twitter and Facebook.
  1. Crystal Reply

    Oh goodness how this post resonated. Maybe not the underwear hygiene, though we do battle MULTIPLE times a day over diaper changes (really?! is it that bad to be clean and lay still for 5 secondss?!) and the most commonly heard phrase in our house is “No! Don’t eat that!.” These mama days are weary but you are right…there is grace and hope in knowing that we never walk this road alone. We were hand selected to raise these kiddos, in this season, and God will not leave us!

    • Kristina Reply

      Well, Crystal, I think the underwear hygiene is easier with girls, lol 🙂 So you lucked out on that one. I totally feel you on the diaper change issue…my two year old is notorious for fighting the clean diaper. Thank you so much for commenting and no, we are never alone. 🙂 xo

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  5. Teri Lynne Underwood Reply

    “No, I believe this Mom thing, this holy calling is one in which we partner with God, even when it’s as basic as instructing the littles on underwear hygiene.”

    Yes! And as the battles move from underwear hygiene to managing relationships and developing time boundaries and you wonder who is going to survive—you or the teenage alien who resides in the body that used to be your sweet little girl’s—God is ever so faithful and kind.

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  7. Dawn White Reply

    I love you blog….I too am weary and love your encouragements….

  8. Kim Reply

    Although it has been years since we fought over what to wear and that is definitely time to go to bed, your letter brings those weary frustrations right back to the surface. I only regret I did not take more joy in the mundane, and be bone-deep grateful for my children each and every day, and how they shaped me into a better mom and person. I guess I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. 🙂

    • Brooke McGlothlin Reply

      Kim, thank you for saying that hard truth – that you regret not taking more joy in the mundane. It’s moms like you who are encouraging a whole generation of moms like me to do just that – live in each moment. You blessed me today friend.

  9. Michele-Lyn Reply

    I love this… “Yes, as my Savior, but also in the nitty gritty reality of my every day responsibilities.” It took me too many weary years for me to realize I didn’t have to fix my mess before Jesus would meet me.

    And that He chose us, child and parent alike. Yes. I wonder why, sometimes, He would see me best suited for these babies, but I know His ways are perfect.

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  11. Megan Reply

    Your letter today blessed me so much. Love how you walk us through the moments that feel so impossible and yet, our Savior makes it all possible. Nothing is too big for Him. Oh, how I could relate to each and every situation you mention. And on those days where I feel like all I’ve done is “manage” the kids, and at the end of the day it’s all I can do to crawl my tired body and weary soul to bed…I wonder where the good was from that day. Where did I answer my high calling? But, then I snap to and remember…God is most concerned with our hearts, our responses to Him and our little ones, the way we love and forgive and even accept grace. He is our forever partner and I am so thankful for your beautiful wisdom today, Kristina. I really needed these reminders of the heart God has for us mamas and our children.

  12. Tracey Eyster Reply

    Your heart is exposed so beautifully through your transparent words…truly motherhood brings us to the end of ourselves so that we will seek Him more fully! And friend, for me, adding silliness and fun to every day with children helps lighten the load! Next time, suggest the importance of putting clean underwear on your head first to help get the wrinkles out, and then quickly transfer it to it’s proper place…the giggles will ensue and that routine will last for a while until the silly is no longer necessary to get the practical done! Just a suggestion of how I deal with “drama” throw in the unexpected silly and hearts are lifted with joy and memories are made! Attitude matters and when mine goes South thinking of a silly helps! But that’s just me… Big Hugs!

  13. Brooke McGlothlin (@BrookeWrites) Reply

    Tracey, how clever! I need to get better at that myself!

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