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Launch Day Giveaways

Did you hear the news??

The NEW Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess IS LIVE! And FREE (for the next 48 hours! starting around 3 AM EST)

what is the best binary options trading software And we’re giving away the Best. Launch. Day. Giveaway. Package. Ever.


Including….. A new Kindle Fire HD!

Hope for the Weary Mom bdswiss 60 sekunden strategie A One-Hour Mentoring/Prayer Session with Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin

see url (co-authors of the book)!

Hope for the Weary Mom

optionavigator it Other prizes include:

And we’re giving it ALL away TONIGHT (10/23/12) at a progressive Facebook party!

Hope for the Weary Mom

We’ll start at The Better Mom (8:30 – 9).

Move to the MOD Squad (9 – 9:20).

Hang out some at the MOB Society (9:20 – 9:40)

And finish up at Hope for the Weary Mom (9:40 – 10) where one lucky winner (who MUST be present to win) will win the  NEW Kindle Fire HD and mentoring/prayer session! Whoot!

To Enter:

You can enter all day long, as many times as you like. Prizes will be given away at each of the progressive Facebook locations, and you’re welcome to continue entering until the very end of the party (approximately 10 PM EST). YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS HERE TO BE ENTERED.

To enter, simply share the following, then come back and let us know how you did in the comments (please leave separate comments for each share):

On Twitter:

1. “The NEW, expanded edition of Hope for the #WearyMom is FREE for #Kindle for 48 hours! Grab it now!”


2. “Feeling fresh out of amazing mom? Get the NEW Hope for the #WearyMom FREE for your #Kindle today!”


3. “Need some hope mom? Get the NEW Hope for the #WearyMom FREE for your #Kindle today!”

On Facebook:

1.  “The NEW, expanded edition of Hope for the Weary Mom is FREE for Kindle for 48 hours! Grab it now!”


2. “Feeling fresh out of amazing mom? Get the NEW Hope for the Weary Mom FREE for your Kindle today!”


3. “Need some hope mom? Get the NEW Hope for the Weary Mom FREE for your Kindle today!”

For Pinterest:


We hope you’ll join us for a sweet Facebook party tonight! Go grab your FREE Hope for the Weary Mom and meet us there!

Brooke McGlothlin is co-founder of Raising Boys Ministries, where moms and dads come to discover delight in the chaos of raising boys. You can find her writing about fighting for the hearts of her sons at, or living a life in pursuit of Jesus at her personal blog A normal day finds Brooke homeschooling her two boys, wrangling two large Labs, Toby and Siri, writing to bring hope to the messes of life (in the midst of her own messy life), and falling more and more in love with the man she’s had a crush on since the third grade (who just happens to be her husband).
  1. Lacey Rose Reply

    Iam so super stoked for this!!!! Iam spreading the word daily! 🙂

    • Corinne Kanski Reply

      Just found out about this on FB. So excited to be a part of it.

    • L Volkoff Reply

      I have been shring on my FB page since yesterday!!!

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  3. Debbie T Reply

    This is so awesome! I just pinned it and can’t wait to tweet & FB it today!

  4. Dawn Reply

    I shared on twitter and on Facebook.

  5. Susan S. Reply


    Exciting events/giveaways. Special book coming out. Can’t wait!

  6. Trisha Reply

    Shared on my Facebook wall and Una Mujer Elegida // Chosen Woman (my facbook page).

    • Trisha Reply

      Also shared on my G+

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    Just shared it on FB. And going to pin it also:)! Thanks

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    I posted it on fb( and twitter(@LOVESMISSION)

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  15. Judy Wise Reply

    i JUST SHARED ON FACEBOOK! Can’t wait to get started!

  16. Renee Reply

    via twitter!

  17. Pauline Reply

    I am loving the idea of sharing!!!!

    • Angie Reply

      fb posted

  18. Rebecca Orr Reply

    I shared this on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & G+!!

  19. Judy Wise Reply

    Just pinned the Launch Party Date, Can’t wait!

  20. Ruby Reply

    Love this. HOPE to be on with you by 9:40 pm.

  21. Ruby Reply

    See you all tomorrow night.

  22. Vicki Reply

    This book has come into my life just when I needed it most~ So excited to get the new book. Thank you for writing the words that so many of us need to hear~ knowing we arent alone helps in itself!

  23. Sara H Reply

    Instagram too.

  24. elizabeth c. Reply

    i tweeted!

  25. elizabeth c. Reply

    I FB’d

  26. elizabeth c. Reply

    I pinned…actually i repinned….when i tried to pin the above image, it says it was blocked and I wasn’t allowed to pin it – it was marked as spam. 🙁

  27. Jennie Reply

    I shared on FB! Very excited!!

  28. Sharon Reply

    Shared on fb and pinterest!!

  29. Sarah C Reply

    Pinned it and shared on Twitter!!! Expecting our second child..little weary about that! 😉

  30. Jaclyn R Reply

    I shared on all the above, except for pinterest. It said the pin I was trying to pin had been marked for spam or inappropriate content.

  31. Chelle Reply

    Hey ladies, blessings and congratulations on your launch. I just tweeted “Enter to win a new Kindle Fire HD to celebrate the launch of Hope for the #WearyMom!
    Hope I an stay awake for the party…I’m such a lightweight.
    Peace and good,

  32. Stephanie Cook Reply

    I shared on Facebook. Can’t wait ot get a copy of the book and to be able to read it on my new kindle frie would be awesome!!!

  33. Jen Bogard Reply

    I love sharing your wisdom and insight on Facebook!!!!

  34. Wendy Reply

    I \did all three, FB, Twitter and Pinterest. So excited! Thanks for the opportunity =)

  35. Cindy Robertson Reply

    Okay Brooke… I pinned, tweeted and posted… oh, and will be praying for you. So excited for you. Just remember, I knew you way back when!!!

  36. Stephanie Reply
  37. Stephanie Reply

    Shared on Facebook also!

  38. Julie Reply

    Just put this on fb and twitter. See you all tomorrow night! Great prizes!

  39. Stephanie Reply
  40. Crystal Reply

    I shared on FB! 🙂

  41. April Reply

    This book has been a blessing to me. I tweeted, shared on FB and goole+

  42. Aprille Reply

    shared on twitter and FB!

  43. Jessica Hanneman Reply

    So excited. Tweeted, Facebooked and pinned. Can’t wait. -Jessica

  44. Wendi Reply

    I am so excited about this. Hoping I can take in as much as I can before our midweek Bible Study at church, where tomorrow I start teaching the 3rd and 4th graders instead of learning in the adult class. Looking forward to it but could always use prayers to make this an amazing year for these kids. Anyways, I posted the first and third comment on my FB page. So excited about the release. May tomorrow evening touch many Moms and may the book touch even more Moms.

  45. Michelle Sanders Brinson Reply

    I so want to win this… I need this book and I could definitely use the mentoring. Oh my goodness… I’ve gone crazy on social media. I use Hootsuite… so I’ve posted as well as scheduled tweets and Facebook posts for all different times throughout the day today. I also posted on Pinterest. Not sure how you’re picking winners or if your entries are based on the number of times shared… but 3 x on FB, 3 x on Twitter, plus Pinterest. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  46. Mindi Amberson Reply

    Shared on facebook~

  47. Crystal Reply

    Shared on Twitter & Facebook 🙂

  48. Catharine P Reply

    Just tweeted and shared on FB. This book sounds perfect for a Mom of 4 wild and crazy boys and a puppy!! 🙂

  49. Tonya Ellison Reply

    I tweeted, facebooked and pinned! I’m looking forward to the release.

  50. Nicole Reply

    I shared on Facebook. Thank you!

  51. Missy Crocker Reply

    I love all the positive information I learn from this group! I have shared with friends and family and posted on facebook! Yay! Congrats!

  52. Sheryl S Reply

    Does this contest apply to those of us in Canada too or only the United States?

    • Brooke McGlothlin Reply

      Only US friend. So sorry 🙁

  53. Paula Reece Reply

    So excited for you! That’s so amazing! Tweeted and Facebook’d your message so far! Congrats!!

  54. Elizabeth Reply

    I am so excited for this book. I won’t be able to be a part of tomorrow night though I have six children and those are bedtime crunch hours. Reposted on facebook though. Have a great time.

  55. Hannah @ Treasuring It Up Reply

    I shared on Facebook! SO looking forward to this!

  56. Hannah @ Treasuring It Up Reply

    “Pinned” ya, too 😉

  57. Amanda H Reply

    I tweeted and FB! Loved your book, cant wait for Tuesday!

  58. Sarah T Reply

    Facebooked it!

  59. Emily Reply

    I posted it to my facebook. I’m excited!

  60. Amy L. Reply

    just shared on my face book. Very excited to get the new book as soon as i can.

  61. Desarae Smith Reply

    Shared ya on Facebook! So excited!

    • Angie Reply

      loved this and shared via facebook

  62. Oona Reply
  63. Oona Reply

    Shared on facebook,…

  64. Elizabeth Taylor Reply

    Shared on facebook

  65. Cresenda Reply

    Yay!! I’ve shared the Launch Party to FB, Pinterest, and my blog! 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow! 🙂

  66. Gayle Kelly Reply

    Just shared on facebook. 🙂

  67. Laura Reply

    I shared on facebook.

  68. Laura Reply

    I tweeted.

  69. Laura Reply

    I pinned on Pinterest!

    • Kandis Reply

      how did you pin this? i cant figure it out

  70. Kirsten Goff Reply

    I shared on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest!

  71. Jill Graham Reply

    I shared on Facebook! =D
    The title of this book already gives me hope…. Thank you.

  72. Cyndi Cirre Reply

    I just shared it on FB. I look forward to joining the action tomorrow.

  73. Sarah Watts Reply

    I’m looking forward to this. I pinned it!

  74. Sarah Watts Reply

    And I shared on Facebook too!

  75. Kathy Liska Reply

    Shared on facebook and pinterest!!

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  76. Mary Beth Reply

    I have tweeted, Facebooked, and pinned! 🙂

  77. Tina Martin Reply

    Wow! Good for you Brook & Stacey, can’t wait to read it 🙂 I tweeted to help spread the word, wishing you many blessings!

  78. Angela Ambroise Reply

    Hi Stacey, I tweeted and put it on Facebook. Though I must say I would have done this regardless. I was actually coming to do just that when I saw that I could enter into this.

    I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow on Social Media! 🙂

  79. liza lee grace Reply

    Well, boo. I won’t be home for the Facebook party! I so wanted to be a part of all the festivities! Oh, well. Thank you, Brooke and Stacey for your book…I’m looking forward to the re-launch!

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  83. Rachel S. Reply

    I pinned it 🙂

  84. Rachel S. Reply

    I shared on FB 🙂

  85. Rachel S. Reply

    I tweeted too 🙂 I am sooo looking forward to launch party (even during NCIS 😉 LOL) and sharing this book with all my friends.

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  88. Lisa H. Reply
  89. Pingback: Get the New “Hope for The Weary Mom” Today!

  90. Boo Sellers Reply

    i posted a fb message!
    i am super-stoked about getting this book & for sharing it with other moms. thank you so much for this amazing offer 🙂

  91. Juli Reply

    I posted on twitter

  92. Juli Reply

    I posted on Facebook

  93. Juli Reply

    I posted on pinterest

  94. Heather Reply

    I loved the first book! I just got the other too! I shared on Facebook and Twitter!!

  95. Heather Reply

    I loved the first book and cannot wait to read this one!!!

  96. Amy Reply

    I shared on twitter.

  97. Ashlie Reply

    Shared on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest! So excited for you both…can’t wait to read the updated version 🙂 Blessings to you for your sweet heart for tired mommies!

  98. Amy Reply

    I shared on facebook.

  99. Amy Reply

    I shared on pinterest

  100. Blessed mom of 5 Reply

    Would love to have a kindle of my own! Thanks for the chance! : ) God bless you!

  101. Blessed mom of 5 Reply

    I shared on Facebook!

  102. Janette Reply

    I shared on my Facebook page as well as the Facebook page for my womens bible study group! I also pinned it. I’m looking forward to the launch party tonight, and reading the expanded edition over the next few days! God Bless.

  103. Elizabeth Lee Reply

    I am desperate to get any help I can. My baby boy is 17 ! I pinned this, and plan on attending tonight on Facebook. God Bless

  104. Julie2c Reply

    I shared it on Facebook!

  105. Lisa H. Reply
  106. Megan C. Reply

    I just tweeted (multiple times) @megstwistedtree!
    Thanks ladies!!!

  107. Megan C. Reply

    I shared on facebook as well!

  108. Shannon Batts Reply

    Shared on FB – can’t wait to start reading!

  109. Sarah Reply

    I shared on Facebook!

  110. Stephanie Hanes Reply

    I shared on Facebook. Thanks!

  111. Stephanie Hanes Reply
  112. Sarah Reply

    I shared again on Facebook! I’m so excited and hoping to catch more attention if I shared a slightly different link! 🙂

  113. Teesha Reply

    Loved sharing it on facebook with my friends!

  114. amanda kelly Reply

    I have posted it on my personal facebook ( and on my blog’s facebook (… I have tweeted it with @eternallyfrog and I have pinned it at on my Mommy board. I am also going to post a link to the blog at

    Thanks for your ministry!

  115. Teryl Reply

    I shared the link on fb.

  116. Teryl Reply

    I shared the link for the book and party on Pintrest.

  117. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Thank you so very much for writing Hope for the Weary Mom and starting up this fb page. I look forward to your post. I/we have 3 daughters, ages 24, 23 and 18…God then blessed us with a son, who is now 7. I/we are a homeschooling family as well, so I know weary. God is my strength.

  118. Tammy Kindig Reply

    shared on my fb page

  119. Stephanie Hanes Reply
  120. Tammy Kindig Reply

    shared on my pinterest page too….<3

  121. Marni Reply

    I pinned it!

  122. Jen Mc Reply

    Tweeted! hand_full

  123. Jen Mc Reply

    posted on FB

  124. Adrianne Kincade Reply

    I put it on both my facebook and twitter and already downloaded to my old black and white kindle. I am so siked about this book! I can’t wait to read it!!!

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  126. sharon Reply

    So excited about this giveaway, shared it on facebook and twitter.

  127. Teresa Reply

    Shared on Facebook.

  128. Laura Reply

    Just shared on Facebook! This is SO awesome!! Going to Pinterest next!

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  130. kimberlee Reply

    I posted on fb.

  131. kimberlee Reply

    I tweeted it! @java_diva

  132. Heather Wang Reply

    Does the party begin Eastern Time?

  133. Heather Wang Reply

    Posted on Facebook

  134. Lisa H. Reply

    Shared on FB.

  135. Heather Wang Reply


  136. Amber F. Reply

    I tweeted it…exciting! @amberfergy

  137. Judy @ Contented at Home Reply


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  139. Delphine Warbington Reply

    This sounds like a fantastic book.

  140. Mona Lisa Smith Reply

    Just Tweeted this awesome offer

  141. Mona Lisa Smith Reply

    Pinned It 🙂

  142. Liz Reply

    Shared on my Pinterest!

  143. Mona Lisa Smith Reply

    posted it on FB

  144. Pattie Reply

    I shared it on Twitter before I saw this post–so if you want to count it, great, but if not, that’s okay too! Thanks for offering it for free.

  145. Alisa Reply

    Just shared on facebook and will try to pin it (still not sure how to do that…).

  146. Tiffany Reply

    I just found your free ebook and have read the first couple chapters and it has already ministered so much to me! Excited to be a part of the MOB society and hopefully I can be present tonight!

  147. Heather Busch Reply
  148. Robbin Reply

    Wow! Thanks for doing this.

  149. Heather Busch Reply

    Tweeted! Thanks for the amazing chance!


  150. Angie C Reply

    Soooo excited…I posted on Facebook and pinned on interest!! 🙂

  151. Heather Busch Reply

    I shared on Facebook. Thanks again!

    (Heather Busch)

  152. monique Reply

    Shared on a homeschool loop, a mom’s loop and fb. looks refereshing.

  153. Christine Pogon Reply
  154. Jessica C. Reply

    Posted on Twitter!

  155. Leann Reply

    I tweeted: and shared on my FB page (lking). Thanks!

  156. Mona Lisa Smith Reply

    Posted on my blog 🙂

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    posted on my FB blog page

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  162. Caitlin Colleen Reply

    Pinned it! 🙂

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  165. Keri Schreiner Reply

    I shared the picture of the book on facebook before seeing the status post we could make.

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    tweeted again!

  169. Laura Reply

    I posted on Twitter!

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  171. Laura Reply

    I shared on my Facebook page.

  172. Aimee W Reply

    Just put it on our MOPS Facebook page. 🙂

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  175. Jennifer {StudioJRU} Reply

    Shared on my facebook page. 🙂

  176. Sara R Reply

    I just tweeted!

  177. Sara R Reply

    I also shared on Facebook. I’m thinking this would be a great book to do as a study with friends.

  178. Kathy Reply

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  179. Kathy Reply

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  185. Kim Reply

    Entered on Facebook and can’t wait to finish school today and READ it!

  186. Miranda Cross Reply

    Shared on Travis AFB Wives!!! Facebook page

  187. Stephanie Escobar Reply

    Just shared on Facebook and Pinterest! I’m about to download the book! 🙂

  188. Sue Esh Reply

    I put it on facebook!! So exciting!! Would love to be a winner today!!! 🙂 Blessings!!!

  189. Miranda Cross Reply

    Shared on Travis AFB Mommy and Me playtime on facebook

  190. Miranda Cross Reply

    Shared on 707 exchange on facebook!

  191. Miranda Cross Reply

    Shared on Travis AFB Treasures page in facebook!

  192. Kimberly Reply

    I shared on my personal Facebook page. Can’t wait to start reading my own copy!!

  193. Kimberly Reply

    Also shared on my moms group Facebook page.

  194. Rachel S. Reply

    Pinned it 😉

  195. Rachel S. Reply


  196. Rachel S. Reply

    Shared on FB 🙂

  197. Jessica S Reply

    I shared on FB and Twitter! Thanks for offering this free today! 🙂

  198. Katrina Lewis Reply

    I posted in FB!

  199. Jessica S Reply

    Oops, I just went back and read the “how to enter…” Here is my separate comment for sharing on Twitter! Thanks!

  200. Katrina Lewis Reply

    I tweeted!

  201. Katrina Lewis Reply

    My email was wrong in the other two so here I go again LOL I posted to FB

  202. Katrina Lewis Reply

    I tweeted! Thank you so much for the free book! Getting started today!

  203. Judy @ Contented at Home Reply

    Tweeted–and I’ve already begun reading the ebook! 🙂

  204. Jen Reply

    Shared on Facebook.

  205. Heather Wang Reply

    Posted it in our “Moms of Tween Daughters” page on FB.

  206. Kali Reply

    I tweeted it! 🙂

  207. Kali Reply

    And now it’s on my facebook too.

  208. Kali Reply

    And pinned it too 🙂

  209. Amanda Cross Reply
  210. Katrina Lewis Reply

    I posted on FB again!

  211. Katrina Lewis Reply

    I tweeted again too!

  212. April Reply

    It’s on my facebook!!

  213. Katrina Lewis Reply

    I pinned it too

  214. sarah gehman Reply

    I just shared the link on FB

  215. Heather Reply

    I pinned it!

  216. Tracey Padgett Reply

    I tweeted like a little bird! 🙂 So glad to share this great book!

  217. Tracey Padgett Reply

    Shared with all my “Weary” friends on Facebook!

  218. Tracey Padgett Reply

    Pinned on my “Bloggy Goodness” Board on Pinterest!

  219. Tracey Padgett Reply

    See you guys tonight! Can’t wait!!

  220. Heather Reply

    I shared it on facebook, too! Thank you for a great book!

  221. Andrea Hamilton Reply
  222. P.J. Madsen Reply

    I shared this on twitter just now…The NEW, expanded edition of Hope for the #WearyMom is FREE for #Kindle for 48 hours! Grab it now! My twitter is Thank you; and God bless!

  223. P.J. Madsen Reply

    I just shared this: “Need some hope mom? Get the NEW Hope for the Weary Mom FREE for your Kindle today!” on facebook! Thanks; and God bless you all! 🙂

  224. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Hello, do not be weary… Isaiah 58:11

  225. Haley Reply

    Excited to share on our FB and Mom’s page!

  226. Heather Wang Reply

    posted on FB again …

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  228. Rachel S. Reply

    Tweeted 🙂

  229. Rachel S. Reply

    Shared on FB again 🙂

  230. Rachel S. Reply

    Pinned again 🙂

  231. Liz Lee Reply

    . I just got my copy today of this amazing book.. I cant wait for tonight ! however, I do not knoiw how to attend this party? Isnt their a request I need to accept or add? I just hit like page…Im a confused.. I pinned this on my pinterst page and facebooked it.. I hope this works…

    • Sarah Rock Reply

      I am confused too!) I want to attend, or pay attention, but what is a party online??????? I hope we are there even if we are not 😉

  232. Shannon Reply

    I pinned it on Pinterest and shared on FB

  233. Cindy Reply

    Really a “God Send” today. Being a stay-at-home / Home School Mom, this has been a crazy week. How timely God is, that’s a certain. Shared on Facebook, I know all who read with be blessed. I can’t wait to dive in!!!

  234. Anne H. Reply
  235. Heather Reply

    Just shared with my Women’s group on facebook!

  236. Amber Reply

    shared on facebook and my website 😀 i love this book!!!

  237. Amber Reply
  238. Anne H. Reply
  239. Amber Reply

    shared on twitter @mom2justice

  240. Sarah Rock Reply

    I pinned it!

  241. Amber Reply
  242. Sarah Rock Reply

    I shared on FB.

  243. Caroline @ The Modest Mom Reply

    I just tweeted! I can’t wait to go read my copy I grabbed on Amazon!

  244. Caroline @ The Modest Mom Reply

    I shared on my Modest Mom facebook page!

  245. Debbie Thomas Reply

    thanks so much for the free book would love to win the Kindle to read it

  246. Sarah S Reply
  247. Sarah S Reply

    Shared on my Facebook page!

  248. Sarah S Reply

    After many consecutive homekeeping/homeschooling/mothering days of feeling like “I can’t do this”, I can’t wait to dig into this book…could really use the encouragement. Thank you.

  249. Rachel Reply

    shared on facebook

  250. Lisa G Reply

    l shared on facebook & in {Prayer Warriors-single moms} FB group! Wow, can’t wait til the party tonight!!

  251. Lisa G Reply
  252. Lisa G Reply

    I pinned on Pinterest, also.

  253. Amie Reply

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    I posted to Twitter

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    Pinned ya ! 🙂

  259. Judy @ Contented at Home Reply

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  260. Judy @ Contented at Home Reply

    Tweeted about this again! 🙂

  261. Judy @ Contented at Home Reply

    Shared on my blog’s FB page!

  262. Jill Graham Reply

    Posted to my Mom’s group =)

  263. Jill Graham Reply

    Posted to my military wives group. =D

  264. Judy @ Contented at Home Reply

    Shared on G+, too!

  265. Kathy Liska Reply

    Posted on facebook again

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    Pinned on Pinterest last night

  267. Kathy Liska Reply

    Even when our children are older…still concerned about them….

  268. Christie Smith Reply

    Just shared on Facebook 🙂

  269. Christie Smith Reply

    Just shared on Facebook!

  270. Sarah Reply

    I tweeted about it!

  271. Sarah Reply

    I shared with ALL the ladies at church in our facebook group (even before I knew about the giveaway!)

  272. Sarah Reply

    I pinned it as well!

  273. Michelle Reply

    So excited for the NEW Hope for a Weary Mom . . . so needed! Shared on FB 🙂

  274. Jill Graham Reply

    Posted to another chat group for Mom’s.

  275. Ashley Reply

    Pinned you on Pinterest. Looking forward to reading my free kindle version!

  276. faith hope & cherrytea Reply

    FB posted at Faith Hope Cherrytea ”The NEW, expanded edition of Hope for the Weary Mom is FREE for Kindle for 48 hours! Grab it now!”

  277. faith hope & cherrytea Reply

    also posted the invite to this FB Party 🙂

  278. faith hope & cherrytea Reply

    @_eHope tweet

    may i say this is an AWFUL captcha system ! continually needs refreshing & rewriting message to get it to post …

  279. Brandy Reply

    Tweeted it! So excited for this book 🙂

  280. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Waiting for the program to begin.

  281. Brandy Reply

    Shared with friends to get this book!

  282. Brandy Reply

    Shared on Facebook 🙂

  283. Brandy Reply

    Shared the news of this with my book club? Any chance of getting it in paper form? 🙂

  284. Kimberly Read Reply

    I have shared.

  285. Lisa G Reply
  286. angela Reply

    Just posted to facebook!

  287. Cynthia J Reply

    This is super! I shared it on facebook and trying to also pin it! Thank you!

  288. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Won’t be long now…party starting soon.

  289. BethAnn Morrison Reply

    I put this on Facebook. Still don’t tweet. Sorry,

  290. Christa Reply

    I shared on Facebook! Thank you!!

  291. Cynthia J Reply

    I just tweeted this! 🙂 Thanks!

  292. Heather Wang Reply

    re-posted on FB

  293. Anne Reply

    I posted on my Faceboook page and I’m heading over to join the party. I could use a Kindle to read your book on . 🙂

  294. Christa Reply

    I also shared on Pinterest! 🙂

  295. Anne M Reply

    I posted on my Facebook page and I’m heading over to join the party. I could use a Kindle to read your book on . 🙂

  296. Heather Wang Reply

    Pinned a graphic about the party just now.

  297. Heather Wang Reply

    Tweeted about the party just now.

  298. Cynthia J Reply

    Finally got it to pin. So excited!

  299. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Let the party begin 🙂

  300. monique Reply

    Only child, now mom of 10, six in a row are boys.
    All of us have challenges. This is a weary time, and I would gladly appreciate any refreshing grounded in the Word. We are to encourage each other daily. Thank you for endeavoring to do that.

  301. Crystal Reply

    Shared the Amazon link w/ our (in)couragers group this morning, thank you!

  302. BethAnn Morrison Reply

    So ready for the party

  303. Susan Reply

    Pinned it and FB

  304. Shannon Wallace Reply

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’m very excited to read the book…what a blessing!

  305. amanda kelly Reply

    i posted where all i posted, tweeted, pinned and blogged earlier… but just logging in to be sure that i am up for winning prizes! 🙂

  306. beth lockwood Reply

    so excited! Shared on facebook

  307. Tina Chen Reply

    I just got the NEW Hope for the Weary Mom for my Kindle today.
    Can’t wait to read it.
    Thanks a lot for it.

  308. Robyn Dowling Reply

    Thanks for the book download and thanks for the invite!!!

  309. Brandy Reply

    Downloaded and ready to start reading 🙂

  310. Tammy Kindig Reply

    I got mine this morning on my Kindle cloud

  311. Christie Smith Reply

    Just posted on fb again to let them know the party started.

  312. Heather Wang Reply

    I got my copy!

  313. allison Reply

    I shared on facebook and pinned!! Thanks!!

  314. Hannah Wollmann Reply

    Just shared on my facbeook and pinned it!

  315. cheryl m Reply

    Shared 🙂

  316. Karin Reply

    Thank you for the FREE copy that I downloaded today! I shared your link on my FB page! Thanks again and can’t wait to read it!!

  317. Stevie Reply

    Shared on FB! Super excited!!!

  318. Kendra Reply

    I shared on FB 🙂

  319. Mary Johnson Reply

    Thanks for the book! 🙂

  320. Sarah Reply

    Shared on facebook again about joining the Facebook party!

  321. Janette Reply

    Got my copy this morning and shared the announcement with my bible study ladies!

  322. Jody Snow Reply

    No chance of winning without commenting.

  323. Heather Wang Reply

    Just posted “the party is ON” with link on FB

  324. Ting Chen Reply

    Thanks for the GIVEAWAY party.
    Very looking forward to read the just download book.

  325. Tammy Kindig Reply

    While skimming through it I was encouraged by what I saw.

  326. Beth Reply

    Love that you ladies are so honest and so encouraging! I shared about the book on facebook!

  327. jessica stewart Reply

    Just FB’d my status 🙂 Excited to discover and learn more and excited for you too!!

  328. belle Reply

    thanks for the free book! shared on my FB page. 🙂

  329. Delanie Martin Reply

    RePinned it!!

  330. Tracee Free Reply

    Stacey Thacker … i posted on Facebook for you guys!! So proud of you!! Love Tracee aka Jacks mom…aka C-momma!

  331. Alicia Reply

    Just pinned it!

  332. Alicia Reply

    And shared it on FB too 😀

  333. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Not only am I a wife and mom, I am a homeschooling mom. I love my children and we are together 365/7. I love them dearly. Yet at times it is nice to be with women.

  334. Aprille Reply

    retweeted on twitter again!

  335. Miranda Cross Reply

    Keeping my house with 2 toddler boys and my husbands crazy work schedule.

  336. Amanda Cross Reply

    What makes you a weary mom? Trying to keep up with my home, husband, and 2 1/2 yr old son

  337. Rebecca C Reply
  338. Janette Reply

    Chasing two toddlers, working full time, and having a husband that works nights makes me a weary mom! Your book is so encouraging.

  339. Christina P Reply

    I shared on Twitter

  340. Carrie Wild Reply

    I facebooked, tweeted, google+,and pinned it! Thanks for the free book and the opportunity to win more cool stuff!

  341. Tammy Reply

    I shared on Facebook, tweeted and pinned!! 🙂

  342. Jennifer Smith Reply

    Just tweeted about the book!

  343. Kendra Reply

    I shared on Pinterest.

  344. Kathryn Reply

    What makes you a weary mom?

    Answer: Being a mom to a special needs child (Autism and SPD) Having to go to 2-3 appointments for therapy and health problems every day, and being a military wife and occasionally having to do all this alone when my husband deploys.

  345. Megan Cantrell Reply

    What makes me a weary mom? A very active and high needs 3 year old, a tweenager who thinks she has it all figured out and a son who gets sick whenever his 2 sisters get in trouble…so he is “sick” quite often!

  346. rileigh thom Reply

    shared on fb

  347. Heather Wang Reply

    Focusing on the details instead of the big picture (a heaven-sized picture).

  348. Delanie Martin Reply

    Shared on Facebook

  349. Amy Reply

    I shared on Facebook!

  350. Crystal Reply

    I’m weary because I pour everything out and forget to be filled again. I mother, wife, work, encourage, blog, twitter party, volunteer, visit….and I forget to stop.

  351. Rebecca C Reply


  352. Kathryn Reply

    I pinned to Pinterest!

  353. angela Reply

    Working nights and keeping up with the family

  354. Delanie Martin Reply

    Posted on local Mops page on Facebook

  355. Sarah Reply

    I’m weary because the kids interrupt my sleep…. and I have a sleep disorder that requires NAPS for me….ha, that doesn’t happen with 3 kiddos!!

  356. beth lockwood Reply

    what makes me weary is two children with special needs

  357. Sarah T Reply

    What makes me a Weary Mom? My tendency to place impossible standards on myself or to compare myself to others.

  358. Tammy Kindig Reply

    So I am a wife, mom and teacher. I have 3 grown daughters, 24, 23 and 18. We also have a son, age 7

  359. Cathy Reply

    Just posted on FaceBook. Need that Hope…. Thanks for the book <3

  360. Rebecca C Reply

    What makes me a weary mom? Trying to keep up with the house, 4 kids, and a husband.

  361. Tonya Ellison Reply

    What makes me a weary mom?

    Three spirited kids, a full time job and long days.

  362. Brandy Reply

    Working full time and trying to get time with my kids, in addition to everything else, makes me a weary mom.

  363. Jennifer Smith Reply

    What makes me a weary mom is when I forget that GOD is the one in control of my life and not me! I send my husband out as a police officer, yeah, that makes me weary, homeschooling 4 kids with a toddler and infant in tow, that makes me weary. All the cleaning, cooking, child training, that makes me weary too, but giving it all back over to Jesus, only THEN is my burden lifted and I am no longer weary!

  364. karen Reply

    I am sassy confused about how the party is supposed to work but I’m trying to follow along

  365. Charlotte Reply

    IM. WEARY BC I try to do it all in my own.Strength

  366. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Congrats Crystal…..

  367. Mary Reply

    This is great

  368. Kathryn Reply

    I tweeted!

  369. belle Reply

    doing things in my own power, without Christ.

  370. Kim Wilder Reply

    Long spans of my husband working 7 days in a row of 12 hrs shifts, me not feeling well (I have had 8 medical tests for the numbness in the left side of my face and neck and arm) in the last 3 weeks and still have no answers, and now my kids are out of control and feeding off of each other’s nonsense! UGH!!!!! Weary is an understatement! 🙁

  371. Catherine Reply


  372. Tammy Reply

    Trying to be everything to everyone everyday makes me weary….

  373. Miranda Cross Reply
  374. Mary Reply

    This is great!

  375. Tina Chen Reply

    I already liked it on the Facebook.

  376. Sherrie Fennell Reply

    Way to encourage moms everywhere

  377. Deborah Golden Reply

    I shared on FB and I tweeted!

  378. Molly Reply

    Shared on FB

  379. Susan T. Reply

    I spread the word on my facebook page and to my church family. I am a bit beyond the “weary mom” phase that you speak of (as the mom of a 33yr old) but wish there had been this kind of love sharing so long ago… and wanting those who are parenting now to have the opportunity to know about your amazing writing!

  380. karen Reply

    I am a weary mama because I have so many doubts and fears as to what I am or should be doing. I don’t have family to support me and husband works all day. I’m just exhausted and stressed.

  381. Tina Chen Reply

    Caring for the whole household, homeschooling, church responsibilities….these all needed His abundant grace to sustain me everyday.
    The book surely will encourage me a lot.

  382. Heather Wang Reply

    A few minutes ago when I asked my husband to take them away to bed …

  383. belle Reply

    10 minutes ago. 🙂

  384. Trisha Novotny Reply
  385. Miranda Cross Reply

    Last time you admitted you were a weary mom to god?
    About 10 minutes ago unfortunately. 🙁

  386. Jennifer Smith Reply

    Admitted to God I am weary-last night!

  387. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Just the other day. As a one income family I sometimes feel that I am not doing my part in helping in the finance area. Then I am reminded that I am.

  388. Renee Gotcher Reply

    Renee Gotcher from NextGen Homeschool — shared it on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!

    The biggest thing that makes me a weary mom? Trying to do everything with my own strength… once I truly had no option but to trust God because of serious health issues, I realized that I have never really let Him be in the driver’s seat. Learning to let Him lead me everyday with HIS strength!

  389. Lynnae Reply
  390. Emily @CreativeDisaster Reply

    shared all over FB!

  391. Mary Reply

    Today….as we fought a battle for our kids at school

  392. karen Reply

    I admit daily to God I am weary and in need of help just to make it through another hour and day

  393. Tammy Reply

    Admitted it this morning when I saw your book and downloaded it.

  394. Janette Reply

    When was the last time I admitted to God I was a weary mom? TODAY! I realized that I have two important birthdays this weekend (my mother’s and my daughter’s 3rd) and I don’t have gifts, cards, cake…way behind in my party planning!

  395. Trisha Novotny Reply
  396. Kathryn Reply

    When was the last time you admitted to God you were a weary mom?

    Actually praying about it? Pretty recently, within the last month. More like “God, I can’t do this..”

  397. Taryn Reply

    With 4 kids, making dinner is the most stressful part every day! Plus, I don’t get a break or quiet until 10 at night. Very weary!

  398. Amanda Cross Reply

    When was the last time you admitted to God you were a weary mom? I haven’t. I’ve just showed my irritation to the people and things that I feel make me weary

  399. Heather Wang Reply

    posted again on FB

  400. Cyndi Cirre Reply

    Glad to be a part of this group. Thanks for the free eBook. I cannot wait to read it. Thanks also for the opportunity to win some awesome prizes tonight.

  401. rileigh thom Reply


  402. Kori Reply

    Excited about this!

  403. Tammy Kindig Reply

    God is good to me…He knows what I/we need

  404. Brandy Reply

    I dont think I have ever admitted I am weary 🙁

  405. Andrea Reply

    Too bad I am not in the US anymore. Only saw that just now, so now I can’t participate. 🙁 Oh well.

  406. Tonya Ellison Reply

    When was the last time I admitted to God that I was a weary mom?

    This evening at pick up.

  407. Renee Gotcher Reply

    Question #2: (for two candles & a Mary Kay Pedicure set) When was the last time you admitted to God you were a weary mom?

    Answer: This afternoon — and then I put on my running shoes and ran out the door… for almost four miles… listening to worship music and allowing Him to fill me back up!

  408. Mitzi O Reply

    Such a fun give away! already having so much fun!

  409. Anne M Reply

    What makes me weary? My husbands new job was 10% travel but he’s been gone 70% the last two months. I have two daughters that are preschool and 1st grade. They are adopted from the foster care system and the oldest is battling the physical and emotional aspects of her abuse. Therapy, SPS, lots of emotional drama. I cope by being task oriented and don’t take time to process. When it gets too much I feel like a mountain on my shoulders. I’d be lost without my Lord and Savior.

  410. Jennifer Reply

    Twitter to Facebook

  411. Elizabeth Taylor Reply

    so need some hope right now!!

  412. Deborah Golden Reply

    I am so excited about this book!!

  413. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Congratulations Laura

  414. Emily @CreativeDisaster Reply

    pinned it!

  415. Oona Reply

    it’s been too long since I told God I was weary… far too long.

  416. Anne M Reply

    #2, I asked for help on the way to T’s therapy this afternoon. The song My Savior had me in tears on the highway. 🙂

  417. Elizabeth Taylor Reply

    so need some hope right now!!
    I am so weary from fighting with my 4yr, 2yr, and 7month olds to get them dinner and get them to bed while my husband is at work. 🙁
    God knows I am a weary lonely mamma

  418. Leah Hedgepeth Reply

    So excited about this book. I think this is a book every mother needs. Thinking of doing a bible study for the moms at my church based on this book.

  419. Linda V. Reply

    Just shared on FB!

  420. Michelle halbrook Reply

    Ready for this!

  421. Sarah Reply

    I shared on my facebook page of my HelloMornings’ group called Seekers @ Sunrise. They’re going to love this book!

  422. Heather Wang Reply

    A book

  423. Kimberly Read Reply

    pinned and shared

  424. P.J. Reply

    Thanks for making the Kindle edition free! I wanted this book and hadn’t had a chance to buy it yet. I get weary, but I want to have joy. I know God is faithful through it all, but life gets in the way sometimes.

  425. Kathryn Reply

    Where do you usually turn for relief?
    To God first and foremost – my husband and my friends. I also go to counseling.

  426. Heather Wang Reply

    I’m ashamed to say that I turn to the T.V. too often.

  427. Megan Cantrell Reply

    Where do you usually turn for relief? I always turn to Prayer, God and my amazing husband!

  428. Amanda Cross Reply

    Where do you usually turn for relief? Reading scripture or talking to my husband.

  429. Heather Wang Reply

    Or work

  430. Elizabeth Taylor Reply

    God and my husband. Mostly God since my husband works long hours.

  431. belle Reply

    should always be Jesus, but a lot of the time its the hubs.

  432. Tammy Kindig Reply

    First I turn to God’s word and then to my mom…she is such a help to me.

  433. Heather Wang Reply

    Or volunteer activities.

  434. Jennifer Smith Reply

    I turn to God and my husband for relief!

  435. Sarah Frobisher Reply
  436. Anne Reply

    I pinned this.

  437. Heather Wang Reply

    Thank you for doing this – this is fun and exciting and your generous gifts make it over-the-top!

  438. April Reply on my fb…great giveaway!

  439. Rebecca C Reply

    I turn to a long hot bath for relief 🙂

  440. Jacqueline Cuccias Reply

    Excited !!!!

  441. Brandy Reply

    I turn to a hot bath and some alone time 🙂

  442. karen Reply

    I turn to my husband and prayer … that is when I’m not hiding in the closet or bathroom in tears.

  443. Robin Reply

    I shared on FB.

  444. April Reply

    A warm bubble bath and a good book!

  445. Tammy Kindig Reply

    I also turn to my good friend/sister in Christ, Peggy

  446. Anne D Reply

    Shared on Facebook!

  447. Tammy Kindig Reply

    congrats Patti

  448. Jennifer Smith Reply

    Shared this on Facebook! Thanks for writing this book!

  449. Sarah Frobisher Reply

    shared on facebook!

  450. Sarah Reply

    this is fun!

  451. Mickie Wordhouse Reply

    Shared on Facebook

  452. Anne Reply

    I shared about the book on our Facebook blog page.

  453. Mickie Wordhouse Reply

    Ohhhhh!!!! It found me 🙂

  454. Sarah Reply

    Weary = too negative with kids 🙁

  455. Amy Miller Reply

    I turn to my hubby’s warm hugs, crying out to the Lord and having a good cry, taking a long shower or taking a long nap!

  456. Heather Wang Reply

    Just announced on FB that we are on the MOD Squad page now.

  457. Zee Reply

    Much needed book

  458. Tammy Kindig Reply

    I am so a Mod Squad mom, having raised 3 beautiful girls.

  459. P.J. Reply

    Oh I shared on FB too!

  460. Emily Reply

    Shared this on facebook!

  461. Jennifer Gauntt Reply

    I just saw this and posted on FB and tweeted. I am so glad I came across this, perfect timing. 🙂

  462. Sarah Reply

    I’ve admitted I was weary today – this afternoon!

  463. Jessica Reply

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  464. Heather Lindsey Reply

    Shared on facebook, pinterest, and email via google.

  465. Jessica Reply

    Shared on Facebook!

  466. Sarah Reply

    I tend to turn to my husband or early bedtimes or a book, but I need to rely on Jesus!

  467. Tammy Kindig Reply

    I/we tried raising our daughters to be modest in dress in a world that made it difficult to do so. We succeeded.

  468. Mickie Wordhouse Reply

    I struggle with taking care of everyone but myself.

  469. Kendra Reply

    I constantly struggle with getting into the word DAILY!!

  470. Oona Reply

    Yum… Velata!

  471. Kimberly Read Reply

    I’m constantly comparing myself to others. I know this isn’t good.

  472. Judy Cotner Reply

    When my kids make a mistake, I feel it is a reflection on me.

  473. Sarah Frobisher Reply

    I get support from my friends, who are awesome and nonjudgemental and my superman husband!

  474. Brandy Reply

    Yes, I struggle with laziness.

  475. Jennifer Smith Reply

    I know I don’t measure up in the area of finances

  476. amanda kelly Reply

    As a stepmomma to three babies who lost their momma a few years ago, I always feel like there is a part of me that wont measure up… however, I know that I have been prepared for such a time as this, and I love these babies as though I birthed them myself… and know it is a great testimony of God’s love to me!

  477. Kali Reply

    Tweeted 🙂

  478. Heather Lindsey Reply

    I struggle with not measuring up in my time management, I often say yes to way too many things and then get completely burned out or sick. God doesn’t want me to be a buzzing bee.

  479. Kristin Baxter Reply

    I just tweeted! (@jkbaxter612)

  480. Crystal Reply

    Hmm…areas where I struggle. Feeling guilty for not wanting to be a stay at home mom is the big one.

  481. Amanda Cross Reply

    I often do not measure up in my parenting, housework, being a wife

  482. Michelle Musgrave Reply

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

  483. Katrina Lewis Reply

    Yes. I feel like I dont measure up to my MIL baking skills and to my mothers clean house.

  484. Tammy Kindig Reply

    I struggle with house keeping.

  485. Aprille Reply

    I struggle and “don’t measure up” with areas like fitness, keeping a clean/organized house, and time management.

  486. karen Reply

    I struggle with my temper a lot. I can speak in anger very quickly then regret it

  487. Miranda Cross Reply

    I dont tend to measure up when it comes to keeping everything together. I’m not at all organized.

  488. Sarah Reply

    I don’t measure up in photography as my shallow response, and I don’t measure up in Grace as a mom and wife!

  489. Lisa G Reply

    I struggle with comparing myself to others & not measuring up!

  490. Marlo S. Reply

    I shared the free book on Amazon link on my Facebook page!

  491. Rebecca C Reply

    I constantly struggle in having patience with the kids.

  492. Jessica Reply

    I pinned it!

  493. angela Reply

    I honestly feel like sometimes I do not measure up as a good wife…my husband would say differently but it is how I feel…..

  494. Sarah T Reply

    I constantly struggle with not being able to get things done – housework, taking care of myself, teaching my toddler, church responsibilities.

  495. Cyndi Cirre Reply

    With a house full of men/boys I constantly struggle with having a home that looks acceptably clean. I don’t like to invite people in when it looks cluttered and un-kept.

  496. Ashlie Reply

    To Stacey’s “not measuring up”: I constantly struggle with feeling like a failure based on my own expectations. Especially when it feels like I’m doing the same things over and over but never getting ahead 🙂

  497. Heather Wang Reply

    When I yell, but I meant to control myself.

  498. Tonya Ellison Reply

    I struggle with patience

  499. Emily Reply

    I constantly feel like I do not measure up in the area of setting a Christ-like example for my children. I struggle with patience and gentleness. It brings me to my knees, at the cross, and I am back in my rightful place (on my knees).

  500. Deborah Golden Reply

    I constantly struggle with my self esteem, doubts of being a good mother and wife.

  501. Sarah Reply

    I struggle with how to receive AND give out grace.

  502. Mary miller Reply

    Of course we all do. We need to grow in every way but some more than others! Mine happens to be patience!

  503. Jennifer Roddy Reply

    I constantly struggle to keep up with “home keeping.” I end up disappointing my husband frequently.

  504. Sarah Frobisher Reply

    I struggle with housework all the time. I can never ever keep up. I feel like I am slowly sinking in everything I have to do!

  505. Christa Reply

    I definitely struggle with not measuring up as a mom, especially with homeschooling!

  506. Elizabeth Taylor Reply

    not having enough patience and love to keep my tongue from being harsh. being so selfish

  507. Leah Reply

    Shared via FB!

  508. belle Reply

    in homeschooling and i am a new pastors wife.

  509. Mary johnson Reply

    Struggle self image

  510. Kristin Baxter Reply

    I struggle with laziness. 🙁 I feel I don’t measure up if I don’t get everything accomplished.

  511. Mitzi O Reply

    I struggle being a Mom! I’m always worried and praying that I “do right”!

  512. danielle walton Reply

    will share on fb. I too.need something like this!!

  513. Kathy Liska Reply

    struggle keepin things in order around the house-routines

  514. Brandy Reply

    I struggle when I compare myself with other moms and how they are doing.

  515. Jennifer {StudioJRU} Reply

    Where do you constantly struggle… taking on too many things at once, then becoming frustrated!

  516. Christine Pogon Reply

    Yes! I don’t feel that I measure up in ANYTHING. To being a housekeeper, mother, wife, teacher. All of it.

  517. Charlotte Reply

    Hope i amd oing this right

  518. Janette Reply

    In the book Stacey talks about “Not measuring up”. Do you have areas of your life where you constantly struggle?

    I struggle with comparing myself to other moms, and not having as much time with them as I would like. Working mom’s guilt.

  519. April Reply

    Keeping my house as clean as I would like it is a constant struggle.

  520. Laura Snyder Reply

    I struggle with taming my tongue and sarcasm.

  521. Heather Wang Reply

    When I try to instill good eating habits for my kids, but my weight is a constant battle.

  522. Kali Reply

    In the book Stacey talks about “Not measuring up”. Do you have areas of your life where you constantly struggle?

    Feeling disorganized and not equipped for dealing with everything I should because of that.

  523. Tammy Kindig Reply

    I also struggle with organization

  524. Amy Reply

    I struggle with raising my voice:(

  525. Oona Reply

    I struggle with balancing everything… Homeschooling, housekeeping, working at home on my own business.

  526. Jacqueline Cuccias Reply

    How exciting!!

  527. Tammy Reply

    I sometimes feel I don’t measure up in the follow through on certain projects that sounded good…

  528. Jessica Czapla Reply

    I struggle with losing patience with my daughter.

  529. Heather@Living In the Moment Reply

    I struggle with patience. I also compare myself to other Moms who seem to do fun things with their kids and I don’t do that much,as far as arts/crafts.

  530. Sarah T Reply

    Patience and keeping my temper is another area where I struggle. It’s so much harder when you’re sleep deprived and mentally exhausted!

  531. Hannah Wollmann Reply

    I struggle with maintaining a household that glorifies God with a family that still wants to seek the pleasures of this world. The most recent example of this is partaking in Halloween traditions.

  532. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Seems we moms have keeping a clean house in common. Nice to know I am not alone.

  533. Amy Miller Reply

    I struggle with not measuring up in my with the Lord and taming my tongue.

  534. Jennifer G. Reply

    I struggle being a stay at home mom.

  535. Anne M Reply

    Trying to do it all (like everything) then forgetting something simple, like my 1st graders snack and beating myself up for it.

  536. Jessica Reply

    I struggle with pretty much everything, honestly.

  537. ginger Reply

    i struggle with spending enough quality time with my Jesus!

  538. Caroline Allen Reply

    I always feel like I’m behind on housework, and I’m never good enough. 🙁

  539. Delanie Martin Reply

    My house!!!! My kids!!!

  540. Jill Graham Reply

    Never measure up to my own expectations of being the best because I believe my kids deserve the best!

  541. cheryl m Reply

    Doing everything for everyone ad not taking care of myself

  542. Charlotte Reply

    YEAP PLENTY OF AREAS i dont measure up

  543. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Congrats Emily,

  544. Heather Reply

    Shared via Twitter. User: Ponderins

  545. Kali Reply

    shared on facebook

  546. Tammy Wolbrink Reply

    Posted on fb

  547. Hannah Wollmann Reply

    I’m relieved to know I’m in the same boat as many when it comes to having a short fuse, especially when I’m running on a constant state of “empty.” I shoot a quick prayer to God for a change of heart but sometimes it doesn’t take. It really breaks my heart when my daughter will say to me, “Don’t be a mean mom.”

  548. Heather Reply

    Shared via Facebook personal page.

  549. Heather Reply

    I struggle with comparing myself to other moms and wishing I could have a cleaner house, make more creative lunches, make homeschool more fun, play more, and the list goes on.

  550. Tammy Wolbrink Reply

    Pinterest too!

  551. Heather Reply

    Pinned to Pinterest (had to save image out & posted the link to the contest in the description)

  552. Heidi Reply

    I shared the link to the kindle book on facebook: ”The NEW, expanded edition of Hope for the Weary Mom is FREE for Kindle for 48 hours! Grab it now!”

  553. Jessica Fox Reply

    I struggle with trying to measure up to my own expectations of a stay at home Mama.

  554. Delanie Martin Reply

    way too often!!!

  555. Sarah T Reply

    I compare myself all the time. It’s one of my biggest struggles.

  556. Jessica Reply

    I think I compare my parenting and home to others far too often. I have a hard time being who God created me to be.

  557. Kristin Baxter Reply

    I catch myself comparing myself to others…way more than I should! 😉

  558. Mary johnson Reply

    Too much

  559. P.J. Reply

    Not often. I have enough time trying to get past my own expectations!

  560. Alicia Reply

    With three kids under 4, a husband that travels 50% of the time and in the process of moving, I struggle to make it through the daily tasks required of me.

    Oh, and I posted the free ebook on facebook

  561. Jill Graham Reply

    Catch myself comparing myself to others everytime I see someone….both positively and negatively….bad.

  562. Mary miller Reply

    All the time! It is a major flaw for me!

  563. Amanda Cross Reply

    How often do catch yourself comparing your home, job, parenting, or income to others moms you know? Every day when I log into facebook

  564. Heather Lindsey Reply

    How often do catch yourself comparing your home, job, parenting, or income to others moms you know?

    Not at all ANYMORE! <3 God has given me victory over this and I cannot be happier to answer this question!!!! 😀

  565. Judy Cotner Reply

    Once or twice a month. Was a lot more when my kids were younger.

  566. Jessica Fox Reply

    Every day. I want my kids and hubby to have the best!

  567. amanda kelly Reply

    pretty often. as a new mom, i look to the moms with kids the same ages as mine and think of how they have it all together… and since i am new to staying at home, and keeping the budget tighter, that can be harder too!

  568. Elizabeth Taylor Reply

    Frequently. I hear the little voice “i bet her house doesn’t look as messy as yours” “I bet she gets her laundry put away” “She keeps her tongue” 🙁

  569. Oona Reply

    Too often! easy to do when you go to a church of 8,000!

  570. Heather@Living In the Moment Reply

    I do that a lot. I have friends who seem to have it all together or make a little more money. I know Moms who seem more patience and good at solving arguments and I tend to think if I….. fill in the blank.

  571. Miranda Cross Reply

    I frequently compare. Mostly when things are stressful or going wrong. I pray god will help me work on that.

  572. Kimberly Read Reply

    Our pastor mentioned this sin Sunday. I compare everything I don’t have with others daily. It’s hard not to.

  573. karen Reply

    I think I am constantly comparing myself.

  574. Brandy Reply

    not very often. thank the Lord.. something I really have to pray about and stay on top of.

  575. Jacqueline Cuccias Reply

    Constantly struggle with comparing =(

  576. Rebecca C Reply

    I compare myself with others daily. I need to work on that.

  577. Tammy Reply

    Comparing: Honestly….in this area, I think I do pretty good. I don’t tend to compare myself to other moms.

  578. Kali Reply

    How often do catch yourself comparing your home, job, parenting, or income to others moms you know?

    I’m sure it’s several times a week :-/ I’m better than I used to be at reminding myself not to do it, and pulling out more quickly from that dangerous pit… but it does still happen!

  579. Christine Pogon Reply

    All. The. Time.

  580. Kim Wilder Reply

    I am always comparing….not a good thing, but I think we all do it. 🙁

  581. Sarah Reply

    Honestly, I don’t think I compare myself with others in job, income or home. I do compare myself against my own expectations in my parenting and I don’t do well!

  582. Megan Cantrell Reply

    How often do catch yourself comparing your home, job, parenting, or income to others moms you know?
    Just about every day, I know so many amazing mom’s!

  583. Sarah Reply

    comparing… I pray that I won’t. I try to stop and think, and yet…. I still compare, make mental lists of their strengths and my failures, or judge their decisions to make me feel better…. praying that I can claim fully and consistently my new life in Christ and stop this viscous habit!

  584. angela Reply

    Wow…powerful question…..honestly more often than I like.

  585. Caroline Allen Reply

    I don’t compare myself to my friends in real life as often as I do my blogging friends. I think “wow, they look amazing! They have 7-10 children and they do all these neat homeschooling activities, we are doing good to get the basics in”. I always have to remind myself that everyone lives different lives.

  586. Karin Reply

    I don’t compare myself to others very often because just because someone may seem to have it all together, nice things, or money… usually they struggle in some area to keep it all together just like I do. The older I get, I am comfortable with who I am and where I and my family are going… all by God’s grace.

  587. Kendra Reply

    MOD Squad question 2:
    Far too often! My car door handle is broken and I have to climb across, the power steering fluid leaks and it’s loud, my clothing is all old etc. My husband lost his job and it has not been easy not being able to just ‘take care of things.’

  588. Tammy Kindig Reply

    In my younger days I would compare all the time. As I have grown wiser and stronger as a Christian I no longer do as often…in fact rarely ever now. For I know God has me where He wants me…as a homeschooling mom and wife.

  589. Jennifer {StudioJRU} Reply

    When I am having a hard time, struggling, then the comparing starts.

  590. Alicia Reply

    It depends on the day. I think I compare myself more to others when I’m feeling low. If I’m really connected to God and other supportive family & friends, it happens less because I know in my heart of hearts that it doesn’t really matter!

  591. Mary Beth Reply

    I tweeted and shared on FB about the free book.

  592. belle Reply

    all to often. 🙁 when will I learn my identity is in CHRIST ALONE. :

  593. Sarah Frobisher Reply

    I compare often, but don’t always get myself down for it. Usually it’s to see if I can get ideas from them of how to get through the day more efficiently!

  594. Anne M Reply

    I did just tonight. A new BSF friend came to drop off our lesson and I raced around picking up the house. ugh! She’s in a higher tax bracket and I got caught up in trying toimpress her.

  595. Brandy Sm Reply

    Unfortunately I compare way to much. Especially to stay at home moms who get to spend all day with their kids.

  596. Amy Reply

    Way too often!

  597. Heidi Reply

    How often do catch yourself comparing your home, job, parenting, or income to others moms you know?
    I usually don’t compare home, job, parenting, or income, but I do find myself comparing style or how I feel I look compared to other ladies from time to time… I wish I had better style sense! haha 🙂

  598. Ashlie Reply

    More than I care to admit…primarily with home and parenting. I tend to wonder how others do it all!

  599. Shannon B Reply

    I find myself comparing constantly.

  600. Jessica Czapla Reply

    Not often.

  601. cheryl m Reply

    I try not to but on occasion I do

  602. Mickie Wordhouse Reply

    I don’t like to make comparisons. I’m happy with my blessings.

  603. Janette Reply

    How often do catch yourself comparing your home, job, parenting, or income to others moms you know?

    Sadly this is a daily struggle for me but I’ve been using the Bible to find my way past it!

  604. Trisha Novotny Reply

    How often do catch yourself comparing your home, job, parenting, or income to others moms you know? All the time…especially parenting..mostly my desire is to make sure Im doing the best job I can so its easy to look at other moms and think they are doing a better job etc

  605. Dawn Reply

    I compare myself to others everyday. Her kids behave better. She has tine to put on make up. Her house is cleaner.

  606. Catharine P Reply

    I compare myself with others everytime I get on FB and they post about the amazing things they do everyday.

  607. Jennifer G. Reply


  608. Tonya Ellison Reply

    I should ask when am I not comparing myself…

  609. Lisa G Reply

    Often! Especially with facebook! It is easy to feel less than other moms, especially being a single mama. Even though, I know my worth isn’t measured by how I compare to other moms, {but found in Christ} it is easy to feel like I’m not enough.

  610. Crystal Reply

    Oh comparison. I compare myself, my parenting style, my fashion, my house, my job…I’m never good enough and “she” is always “perfect.”

  611. April Reply

    I find myself working to prevent this pretty often…monthly.

  612. Cyndi Cirre Reply

    How often do catch yourself comparing your home, job, parenting, or income to others moms you know?
    I do struggle in the area of a clean home and income. I find myself coveting others who have newer vehicles than us. But I am blessed to have a nice home and a husband that works hard to provide for our family, while I stay at home.

  613. Aprille Reply

    home and parenting…all the time. Job/income…never really.

  614. Mary Beth Reply

    I find myself playing the comparison game most often when I visit close family with children close to my son’s age and I compare what all he has with what my son has.

  615. Michelle Musgrave Reply

    All the time!!! Hard not to compare our life with the highlights of someone else

  616. Katrina Lewis Reply

    I compare myself more than I’d like to admit.

  617. Jennifer Roddy Reply

    It depends on the time but I have caught myself often thinking if only I was as skinny as that mom or if only I was expecting my next child….etc…etc…. Then I just have to remind myself to be thankful for the wonderful family God has given me.

  618. belle Reply

    This is fun! most quiet and relaxing party i’ve ever been to. 🙂

  619. Jennifer Smith Reply

    Comparing…well, probably more than I should!

  620. Susan Reply

    Not too often especially once you really get to know other mothers – most are real people with very similar struggles.

  621. Angie Reply

    a life changer! found this book on a freecycle post. read every bit and loaned my copy to my best friend.

  622. Christine Fischer Reply

    I find myself comparing myself to other when im in a social setting and seeing how other moms interact with their children. I always think i should be doing something the way their doing it :/ especially when I am around my stepchildrens mother. its a rough situation. I think I am not good enough to often because my emotions feel so strong.

  623. Christa Reply

    Every day!

  624. Heather Reply

    I shared on Twitter 🙂

  625. Donna Louis Reply

    I compare way too much.

  626. Jamie Lynn Reply

    I believe it’s normal to compare and wish you had some traits other moms may have! Example: patience, organization, time management, financial security and the list goes on

  627. Michelle Musgrave Reply

    Facebook is the worst for this!!!

  628. Heather Reply

    How often do catch yourself comparing your home, job, parenting, or income to others moms you know? I catch myself constantly comparing myself to stay at home moms, I wanted to stay at home with my kids- & did for a short time, I am beginning to learn that yes, I can be a totally awesome mom & be a working mom too.

  629. BethAnn Morrison Reply

    I compare myself with all of you amazing women that blog and write and love the Lord

  630. Charlotte Reply

    Too much

  631. Tammy Kindig Reply

    For what the world thinks of me does not matter….that I love my husband, children and do God’s will is what truly does.

  632. Hannah Wollmann Reply

    Mainly when I see someone with a baby around the same age as mine who’s looking great… I feel like I haven’t done enough to lose the baby weight. Petty, I know.

  633. Kathy Liska Reply

    I feel i am unique and dont compare myself..God made me who i am

  634. Cynthia J Reply

    All too often

  635. Heather Reply

    I am conscious of the fact that I do more often than I should compare all of those aspects of my life with other moms. When I’m tired and stressed out and having a grumpy day, I find that it’s those times that such comparison games “attack” me and get me down. But I love the quote “Comparison is the thief of joy” by Teddy Roosevelt. I’ve tried to remember that and be content with my life as it is, while seeking to improve things where I can. God is my strength. He’s still workin’ on me! 🙂

  636. Alicia Reply

    Frequently. I have been doing a lot of study in being content lately because this is a weakness I have. Not so much the “Keeping up with the Joneses” materialism but the “perfect family life” for me.

  637. Jen Mc Reply

    Sometimes, but not that often – if I do it’s usually in relation to “their kids are so well behaved and look at mine today” or something like that 😉

  638. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Congrats Mickie

  639. Melissa Bate Reply

    Just pinned this on Pinterest. Thanks for the book and opprotunity to win!

  640. Heather Wang Reply

    Not too often – feeling very blessed in our current situation.

  641. Bethany Reply

    This is really cool.

  642. Amy Miller Reply

    I compare far too often! Its way too easy to do so – especially in housekeeping and mothering.

  643. Michelle Reply

    I just found out about this and shared on my fb page. I struggle daily and it’s nice to know there are other moms out there to offer support.

  644. Michelle T. Reply
  645. Michelle Sanders Brinson Reply

    I can’t seem to stop myself from comparing. Especially being a single mom and attending a church and mother’s group where everyone else is married.

  646. Sarah Frobisher Reply

    comparing for comparing sake can be awful, but for inspiration and ideas i find it helpful 🙂

  647. Tammy Kindig Reply

    God has blessed us with one son, age 7. Lane is the joy of our lives. We have 3 grown daughters, 24, 23, 18.

  648. Amber Kemp Reply

    I love this, and am looking forward to reading the book! Thank you for such wonderful encouragement <3 (I shared on Pinterest)

  649. ginger Reply

    comparing: not so much anymore, learning to be content and just knowing that i am blessed just where i am!

  650. Brandy Reply


  651. Ali Brumbaugh Reply

    Posted on fb!!

  652. Jessica Fox Reply

    My boys are always trying to build things, and since they are boys, *I* am the one who gets stuck with the mess! =-)

  653. Jenn Reply


  654. Michelle Taylor Reply

    Shared on Facebook

  655. Miranda Cross Reply

    I woke up 2 days ago to find my 2 year old had knocked the gate down and painted his body and the walls with peanut butter lol. I just had to laugh. The cleanup stunk though. :/

  656. Lisa Reply

    My boys were throwing EPIC fits at Target this week about costumes and out of the blue my 4 year old screams. “I’ll die for my sins, I’ll do anything, I NEED DARTH VADER!” I was so upset but I crumbled into laughter in the aisle. These kids keep me on my toes.

  657. Heather Lindsey Reply

    Tell a funny story about something crazy your kids did and how it made you feel.

    So my 8 year old son is walking around like Popeye getting ready for bed.
    Me: Why are you walking around squinting your eye?

    Christopher: (in nonchalant tone with a shrug) Oh! Because I had an eye surgery.

    Me: How did you have an eye surgery without me knowing?

    Christopher: I dunno.

    Me: When did you have that?

    Christopher: Tonight! When I was having a doctor check with the light in your ear, mouth, and eyes? Guess what? I was testing for that and I got an eye surgery in it!! That’s WHY I keep my eye away from close lights!

    Me: >< what? *shakes head*

    Christopher: Yep, that’s how you avoid these situations, mother. Oh, did you know that Animal Crackers are various animals shaped into crackers?

    Me: WHAT?! No! What kinds?

    Christopher: um probably like circus animals you might want to say. The animal cracker company make good or great, great means they are baked, and then shaped into crackers. Good means just shaped.

    Me: And how are you eating them then?

    Christopher: With my fingers.

    Me: *facepalm*

    It made me LAUGH!!!

  658. Laura Reply

    Everyday with my boysies is a crazy day! Both boys (when they were much younger) had a tendency to pull every tissue out of the box and unravel the whole roll of toilet paper!

  659. Heather Reply

    I posted it on my Facebook page and had lots of friends re-share it and download the book! So exciting!

  660. Mary miller Reply

    All the emergency room visits! Not funny at first but good gried. 14 stitches and the end of a finger cut off in the middle of the night!

  661. Elizabeth Taylor Reply

    My oldest daughter goes into dinosaur mode when she gets scared. One day at target a littl boy came up to her to say hi and she went T rex on him and scared him to death…. that’s my girl

  662. Jen Mc Reply

    This afternoon my older boys convinced their younger sister to attempt climbing the shed roof…. she made it up fine and then sat there and cried cause she couldn’t get down. I wasn’t much help climbing after her being 38 weeks pregnant 😉 but I told the boys we just had to be confident and help her down and she got down just fine…… and then had a nice conversation about not following the boys everywhere!

  663. Oona Reply

    As I was playing along at the last stop, my 2 wild boys made me scrambled eggs (a whole dozen) on a crockpot warming unit. *sigh*

    • Oona Reply

      Makes me feel WEARY!

  664. Amanda Cross Reply

    Tell a funny story about something crazy your kids did and how it made you feel. My 3 yr old walks around the living room yelling loudly, I’m a T-Rex! It’s makes me laugh, but also makes me wish I had a girl on my side.

  665. Lynnae Reply

    My son is always pushing the limits of what his body can do. Once when he was 5, he decided he wanted to ride his bike with no hands, like the 14 year old neighbor boy. We ended up at the doctor’s office getting his knee glued shut. There’s never a dull moment with my son around.

  666. P.J. Reply

    Using a big ball of yarn, my boys decided to turn our front porch into a gigantic spiderweb/trap over the summer. We had to use the back door to get into the house because they had tied up our front door. all my husband could do was shake his head at them when he came home for lunch.

  667. Cyndi Cirre Reply

    In the book Brooke McGlothlin talks about her active boys and how they can make her weary. Tell a funny story about something crazy your kids did and how it made you feel.
    By boys have never been real active like others I know. But I do remember one day when my husband came home and I told him that the boys (then only 2 of them) were climbing the walls today. I had a picture of one of my sons doing that in the hallway.

  668. Catharine P Reply

    The other day I was cooking dinner, and came to find my 3 yr old son in the sink in the bathroom giving himself a bath!! Luckily no damage done. And luckily I didnt go completely crazy like most times, just cleaned it up and moved on. My boys keep me on my toes 24/7!

  669. Leah Reply

    My 4-year-old Jacob is “Mr Personality” and when he hugs strangers at church I usually feel apologetic and embarrassed!

  670. Heather Reply

    Question: In the book Brooke McGlothlin talks about her active boys and how they can make her weary. Tell a funny story about something crazy your kids did and how it made you feel.

    My boys are typical boys, who love to rough house & tumble. As they are getting older, they are beginning to learn the quirks of their mom’s personality. They have learned that if they tickle me hard enough, I will squeek when I laugh. So, now they will gang up on me and tickle me to make me squeek infront of their step-dad. It makes me feel very loved that they are learning me & like making me laugh.

  671. Christine Pogon Reply

    Oh, boy. My youngest is 13 months, so he doesn’t have a story yet. 😉 But, my oldest used to pee all OVER the floor when we were potty-training. Quite frequently, actually. That made me weary.

  672. Sarah Reply

    crazy thing kids did… coloring with brown marker all over his face….looked like a chocolate mess.. and it took a few days to wash off!

  673. Amber Kemp Reply

    My son loves to dance. We were in jamba Juice the other day, and a song came on that had a good beat. He immediately got up & danced in the middle of the store for about 3 minutes straight. I loved how carefree he was, he didn’t care who was watching, and he he had a huge smile on his face the whole time. :o)

  674. Kasondra Reply

    My oldest is constantly climbing. Recently I came downstairs to find that he’d painted me a picture… Yep, paint (waterbased) on the paper and the kitchen floor and chair. He was so proud that he’d done it without help that I couldn’t do anything but hug him, thank him for the picture, and clean up.

  675. Amy Reply

    One time we were at McDonalds and the girl said, “wow, 3 boys!” My middle son said, “we have 2 girls but they are at home in their cages.” (Speaking of our dogs)

  676. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Our 3 daughters were calm…our son is always on the go. He plays hard and long. As for a funny story I can not really think of any…just watching how hard and long my son plays makes me weary. He plays so hard he sweats buckets.

  677. Sarah Turner Reply

    One morning last week my 15 month had a busy but quiet morning in his crib. When I went in to get him up he had pulled the cable outlet (behind his crib) out of the wall and he was wearing only his shirt; no pants, no diaper. Silly boy!

  678. belle Reply

    found two new pages to follow on FB at this awesome party.

  679. Tonya Ellison Reply

    Oh my boys. The best times are when the smells fill the cars and the boys start laughing. Its worse when we’re in church or in public somewhere…

  680. angela Reply

    My girls are both adopted from china….while waiting for her little sister my oldest would tell anyone who would listen that her sister was waiting for her in her hina…..I got the strangest looks and then had to explain that she had not mastered the ch sound….lol

  681. Sarah Reply

    We had to eat a quick supper in the car before one of my girl’s dance class. As we sat in the parking lot, it turned in to a “make your brother dance to get a french fry” party! It was a much needed laugh in our hectic day!! 🙂

  682. Michelle Sanders Brinson Reply

    One of the funniest things my son has done was while getting on the elevator for the first time. We were going to the dentist… another first and I was already concerned that he might be scared. I was trying to explain to him that we were going to get on the elevator to go up to the second floor when suddenly he looked at me with such fear and said, “mommy, I don’t want to go in the alligator.” I couldn’t help but laugh… but had to restrain myself so I could calm his fears.

  683. karen Reply

    Where to begin? Tooth paste and fiddlers seem like a topic that is always ripe for creative disasters at our house. I have found lovely art on the sink the cabinet the wall and toilet!

  684. Ali Brumbaugh Reply

    I used to compare myself to others a lot. I’m learning (slowly) that God created us all differently. My strengths will be different than someone else’s. But that’s what allows us to be the body of Christ and to help each other. Most definitely Christ’s strength can shine through our weakness.

  685. Judy Cotner Reply

    The day of our house inspection (the one we were selling), I had put my son down for a nap beforehand. A half hour before the inspection I went into his room and he was sitting on his bed and had a ghostly look to him, as my eyes traveled around the room and landed on the changing table I realized he had emptied a container of baby powder! Needless to say I wiped him off and did a quick vacuum job. I actually took a picture first because it caught me as funny.

  686. Emily Reply

    My boys are always doing crazy thing to make me feel defeated, but I just laugh and deal with it. I know I will miss it someday. This morning it was dumping all the “Gerber Puffs” on the table and floor!

  687. Heather@Living In the Moment Reply

    Hmmm… too many to recall lol My second son could not get to the bathroom in time while we were outside the apartment playing and he just pulled his pants down right there and used it. I about DIED! Some older ladies were out there and they giggled. I was not giggling lol

  688. Brandy Sm Reply

    One funny story is when I had finally cleaned off the coffee table, trying to declutter and all that. Turned around and the next thing I know, my little one is dancing on it. How she got up there and not fall, I have no idea. I have kept stuff on the table ever since 🙂

  689. K L Redfield Reply

    I shared about the free book…. One thing, though. I have an anaphylactic allergy to coffee. Any chance I can be excluded from that drawing?

  690. Heather Reply

    Being a MOB is such a blessing 🙂 but can be so wild and crazy. So thankful for this book! I posted this on my Facebook page twice today and had great responses both times! Thank you!

  691. Tammy Reply

    My boys are now in their 20’s, so this happened many years ago…. When my boys were younger they were out in the front yard, in the driveway, and they decided to start a fire with their magnifying glass. An older woman stopped in front of our driveway in her car and shouted out to the boys, “Does your MOTHER know what you are doing??” (they say she was all huffy) My middle son took matters in his own hands and politely replied… “It’s alright, we’re HOMESCHOOLED!” LOL Oh geesh! Yes, weary mom….

  692. Sarah Frobisher Reply

    aferw days ago my son ran through the house naked screaming “i’m a naked hobo!” repeatedly :/

  693. Jacqueline Cuccias Reply

    My boys are constantly making me laugh, from chasing each other with their towels trying to ‘whip’ each other, to their funny conversations.

  694. Jill Graham Reply

    My oldest boy keeps trying to jump from more stairs until I finally imposed a rule of “only jump from as many steps as you are old”…. This rule came about because he was posed on the 7th step ready to go for it! Fortunately, for this Mama’s heart, he hasn’t realized his latest birthday entitles him to an extra step (5).

  695. Megan Cantrell Reply

    Tell a funny story about something crazy your kids did and how it made you feel? Well, for some reason my 3 year old calls her and everyone else’s belly button a “butthole button” and this past Sunday she was at church talking about how she has a butthole button and sometimes she pokes her daddy in his! Yeah, try explaining that one!
    I was mortified!

  696. Stefanie Byrd Reply

    Funny Story: My 2-year-old son found Desitin at a friend’s house one time and smeared it all over his body. I have more, but you only asked for one…this one’s fresh in my mind!

  697. April Reply

    My boys, 4 & 2, are always on the move! My 4 year old is constantly telling people he is 4 (he just turned 4)…but almost 5, and after 5 he’s 6…after 6, 7…after 7 he’ll be 8…and sometime after that he’ll be 16, and THEN he can drive a car!! This makes me feel 12 years older, LOL!

  698. Lisa H. Reply

    This actually happened to my ex-husband, not me. He’d taken our then 3-year-old to Little Gym, and he noticed our son had a big booger in his nose. He went to wipe it, and our boy yelled loudly enough to be heard in the next county, “DADDY! Don’t touch my booger! I want to LICK it!” I laughed so hard I nearly cried when he told me that story.

  699. Donna Louis Reply

    Just today we were at a train museum and they would not stop picking on each other. (ages 3 & 6)

  700. Michelle musgrave Reply

    My little man is only 8 months & found my wallet , hid under an end table and emptied it. Heard giggles and excitement about his accomplishment 🙂 🙂

  701. Aprille Reply

    my son keeps me laughing constantly!!!

  702. Mickie Wordhouse Reply

    My crazy boys are ALWAYS doing something crazy. After doing school lessons the boys went outside to help with chores. I went out back to find one in the loft throwing hay on the cow, one covered in mud from his nose to his toes because he was trying to catch a rabbit, and one eating sand in the sand box. HELP with chores? Uggggggg I <3 them all!!!

  703. Jennifer Roddy Reply

    My little guy made a 1 yr old play “fetch” yesterday because he was too tired to chase the ball. I thought it was funny!

  704. Vanessa Reply

    My kids tried to “make breakfast” one morning and spilled cereal everywhere! What a way to start my day!

  705. Janette Reply

    Tell a funny story about something crazy your kids did and how it made you feel.

    My daughter wanted to help clean…I walked in the bathroom to find wet toilet paper and bubble bath smeared across the bathroom. Love that she wanted to help, but oh what a mess! I ended up laughing and crying at the same time. :o)

  706. Angie Reply

    Found this book tonight by accident but He must have planted this seed! Was feeling sorry for myself ss a recent health scare has knocked me down and out. This momma needed this!

  707. Kathy Liska Reply

    My son loved taking baths… He would take his GI Joes with him. Only a few…we would find wet footprints from bathroom to bedroom. He would go get ALL of them. Just had to laugh as first tme we could not figure out why floor was wet….he is Fun loving to this day

  708. Lisa H. Reply

    My now-3-year old got up the other morning and announced, “Daddy, I have a penis!” His father concurred that yes, yes, he did. My son then went on to say, “And it’s AWESOME!” All boy, all the time. LOL

  709. Bethany Reply

    I tweeted!!!!

  710. Mickie Wordhouse Reply

    Hahahaha!!! Lisa H. I just snorted milk up my nose when I read that!

  711. Michelle Sanders Brinson Reply

    I’m a 43-year-old single mom to a 3-year-old… our life is filled with chaos and crazy. The hardest thing for me is dealing with how he likes to crash and bash his toys and cars. All the noise is overwhelming. I’m grateful for the MOB Society and this book!

  712. Tammy Kindig Reply

    Congrats Ashley

  713. aubrey Reply

    I facebooked and tweeted about the your awesome book today! yay! Excited for you girls!

  714. Heather Wang Reply

    My daughter so insisted on doing things herself and the next thing I knew she had fallen in the toilet because she wanted to potty train at two years of age!

  715. Tracee Free Reply

    I think the funniest was my son decided he was he steaked through the halls at church when he was aboit 18 months old ….

  716. Kathy Liska Reply

    Ok this posting and going bck and forth to other sites takes forever…this page goes to the top with each refresh. Vey time consuming

  717. aubrey Reply

    Today our 5 year old twin girls played one of their fave games. Lining up the dining room chairs in the living room and playing Hop Scotch. I have no idea, bu they love it!

  718. Tabatha F. Reply

    Shared #1 on FB!

  719. Ali Brumbaugh Reply

    Pinned it too!

  720. Karin Reply

    I did! Thank you!!!

  721. Lissette Reply

    Shared on Facebook

  722. Bethany Reply

    Facebooked it also 🙂

  723. Heather Wang Reply

    Thank you so much for the free book!

  724. Delanie Martin Reply

    Driving home from church I asked my 3yo where she wanted to eat lunch and she stated at the table. Like it was an odd question for me to ask her.

  725. Mickie Wordhouse Reply

    My little one covered himself in Desitin too, Stephanie 🙂 I cried for 2 hours with him while I scrubbed him with every shampoo, dish soap, and cleaning product I could think of. My husband called and said, “Did you try GoJo?” That degreasing hand cleaner that mechanics use? UGGGGGG!!! Worked like a charm!

  726. Sarah Frobisher Reply

    Picked up my free copy for my iphone kindle app today, already started reading it. Thanks so much!

  727. Michelle Zieg Reply

    Downloaded my copy!! Excited to read it!!

    Also Facebooked!!

  728. Heather Wang Reply

    Their hearts are so tender and kind and innocent (for the most part).

  729. Tonya Ellison Reply

    Something good. My kids see the good in everyone, everybody is a friend in their eyes.

  730. Sarah Reply

    my goods are so polite, loving and kind to other children!

  731. Sarah Frobisher Reply

    My boys are very compassionate. When someone is hurting or sad they go out of their way to cheer them up. They also really want to do the right thing and follow God’s word. I love it!

  732. Vanessa Reply

    We have lots and lots of love!

  733. Heather Reply

    Q2 on Mob Society~ My family is super close.

  734. Bethany Reply

    Something good about my family….We stick together. No matter what. Through the good times and the bad. I love that about my family. 🙂

  735. Cynthia J Reply

    Yes, I downloaded my free copy. Thanks! 🙂

  736. April Reply

    My husband and sons are so funny! I have a serious personality and the keep me silly.

  737. Aprille Reply

    I think our family is unique because we love each other fiercely even having undergone 3 years (my hubby and I) / 1 year (my hubby and son) of separation.

  738. Laura Reply

    We all loooooooove to have fun and tell jokes!

  739. Amanda Cross Reply

    Brooke shares in the book how finding the good in your kids changes your perspective. Tell us something good about your family. My son insists on reading his Bible every night and he never fails to say he wants a kiss from us before going to bed or leaving home.

  740. Mary miller Reply

    My family is truly hilarious! We are always laughing!

  741. Crystal Reply

    The best thing about my family? We support one another’s dreams, even when it means we have to sacrifice what we’d rather be doing. And we lift each other in prayer.

  742. Kendra Reply

    The Mob Society Question 2:
    My children have a heart for the ‘underdog.’ They won’t ever let someone sit alone at school or be alone on the playground, etc. <3

  743. Emily Reply

    They are amazingly quick learners. They catch on easily.

  744. Jen Mc